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Our professionals have the capacity and right techniques to install the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen quickly, ensuring the best quality and satisfaction for you

Highly durable

Water resistant


Easy to clean

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Prevent mold and infiltration from damaging your bathroom walls!

Because it’s humid and with little ventilation, your bathroom may start to show some problems, like: Mold on your walls. In addition, it can be really unpleasant for your family and guests. To avoid this kind of trouble, get to know our tile installation service. Each tile that our experienced professionals install to fit together forms a unique, long-lasting protective coating for your walls against all possible mold and infiltration.

Schedule your tile installation with us and enjoy a beautiful and free of problems bathroom for years!

Avoid sauce stains on your kitchen walls!

When preparing a meal on a stove or cooktop it’s common that splatters of water, grease and sauce hit the walls. And with time, these stains become hard to remove and start to damage the wall and its looks.

That is why Avelino Floorings efficiently and carefully installs each piece of tile on your kitchen walls, bringing life to your backsplash and preventing these damages from occurring by providing the ease of a quick cleaning.

Impress yourself with the transformation that our services are capable to proportionate:

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Our company strives daily to be sure that our customers are satisfied with our job thanks to our 6+ years of experience in the market. Avelino Floorings LLC wants to offer the best flooring services in Goose Creek and the region by delivering perfect results on time. Trust us to have an extraordinary result when it comes to flooring installation.