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LVP flooring needs professional handling, this is why you should trust our licensed and insured professionals to transform your property with the highest degree of luxury and sophistication.

Low maintenance


More comfort

Pet friendly

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We know that carpets are your worst nightmare when you think about cleaning your home!

Carpet is a material that can be difficult to clean since it is easy to accumulate dust particles and fur if you have pets. 

If you want to prevent this headache, opt for our professional LVP flooring installation. In addition to being easy to clean, this flooring option offers thermal comfort for your pets and healthier, comfortable rooms for all your family.

Learn more about our glue down technique:

It consists of applying the adhesive to the subfloor and fixing the floor planks directly to the floor, providing an uniform surface adhesion and reducing noise and vibration.

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Our company strives daily to be sure that our customers are satisfied with our job thanks to our 6+ years of experience in the market. Avelino Floorings LLC wants to offer the best flooring services in Goose Creek and the region by delivering perfect results on time. Trust us to have an extraordinary result when it comes to flooring installation.